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A hospitable space in the midst of conflict

About Ana

Ana Simeon

Photo: Nori Sinclair

Ana has a background in journalism, communications and community organizing. She has worked for a wire news service as a journalist and editor, the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal as legal translator and reviser, and most recently for Sierra Club of BC as acting communications director (2013-2014) and Peace Valley campaigner. She holds a Certificate in Conflict Resolution (Mediation/Third Party Intervention) from the Justice Institute of BC, and a Certificate in Process-Oriented Psychology from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Ana’s calling as a mediator came as a result of a life-changing personal experience. During the three years of war in her birth country, Croatia, Ana witnessed first-hand how fear, greed and prejudice destroyed the fabric of a community. Working within a criminal justice system,  and interacting directly with both victims and offenders, made her keenly aware of the protective role as well as the limitations of legal process in helping people live and work together. This motivated a seeking for processes that promote understanding and reconciliation, and outcome that work for all sides.

As a mediator, Ana brings to the table an open, hospitable attitude to the disputants, their issues and their situation as a whole. She supports the participants in standing strongly for their needs and concerns, and encourages them in expanding the box to include the other party’s perspective. Once communication flows freely around the table, participants discover common ground and are empowered to collaboratively work on solutions that will work in their unique situation.

Ana is committed to ongoing professional development through Mediate BC Society, Justice Institute of BC, the Process Work Institute, and personal inner work. She also volunteers as caseworker for Restorative Justice Victoria.