Ana Simeon Mediation

A hospitable space in the midst of conflict

Ana Simeon Mediation

A hospitable space in the midst of conflict.

If you are dealing with conflict in your work or your life, welcome to the Hospitable Space! Together, we will safely navigate the rapids until we come to a place where fresh possibilities emerge.

Ana Simeon

My name is Ana Simeon and my passion is supporting teams and individuals through the toughest, most challenging places, the ones that split groups and organizations and tear us apart inside. I have more than 20 years of training and professional development, and have personally experienced actual war as well as family and organizational strife.

Over the years, I have supported groups and organizations through difficult workplace dynamics and periods of disruptive change. I have worked with non-profits, First Nations, landlords and tenants, faith and community groups. In addition to mediation and facilitation, I offer conflict coaching and consulting services.

My facilitation style is based on respect for the participants’ own insights and wisdom. I work in a way that is trauma-informed and culturally aware. The Hospitable Space makes room for both the heart and the head, clearing channels of communication and allowing fresh possibilities to emerge. I support each participant as well as the whole group in finding a way forward with integrity.