Ana Simeon Mediation

A hospitable space in the midst of conflict


Ana paddling on the Peace River

Throughout my adult life I’ve felt called to hold a healing space for conflict and trauma. I believe the beginning of this calling was my experience of war in my birth country, Croatia, when I was in my twenties. During the three years of war, I witnessed first-hand how fear, prejudice and greed destroyed the fabric of a community. After the war I worked for several years at the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, interacting with offenders, victims and witnesses of war crimes on a regular basis. When I moved to Canada in 2003, I enrolled in the Mediation/Third Party Intervention program at the Justice Institute and upon graduation became a member of the Civil Roster of Mediate BC.

Dealing with conflict and trauma calls for a practitioner who has developed empathy, compassion, leadership and objectivity through doing their own personal work. My mediation and coaching practice is backed by more than two decades of personal inner work. I have received formal training in conflict resolution and psychology from the Process Work Institute of Portland, OR (Certificate in Process Oriented Psychology, 2010), the Justice Institute of BC (Certificate in mediation/third-party intervention, 2012), Restorative Justice Victoria (2013), and the Focusing Institute, New York (ongoing). I see this inner work as a life-long commitment.

For more than 15 years I have also worked in the non-profit sector as a communications professional, an environmental campaigner, and a fundraising campaigns director.