Ana Simeon Mediation

A hospitable space in the midst of conflict

Non-Profit Consulting Package

With more than 15 years’ experience in the charitable sector, I intimately understand the challenges of a mission-driven organization.

I am committed to making my services accessible to groups of all budgets, especially smaller and community-based groups that do their work with so much heart and courage.

Based on the unique situation of your organization I will help you tailor a package that fits your needs and your budget.

  • Conflict coaching for leaders and managers
  • Communication and conflict training (for frontline staff or whole organization)
  • Strategic planning that is relevant, productive and fun
  • Change management
  • Conflict resolution/mediation
  • Affordable rates

In Canada, more than 170,000 organizations work in areas ranging from healthcare to the arts, social services to habitat protection. The sector generates $176 billion in income and employs two million people. Yet charities and non-profits struggle with unpredictable funding, low compensation, and staff turnover. Smaller, community-based organizations,  the ones who directly deal with the fallout of misguided government policies – from growing homelessness to polluted streams – are the most under-resourced.

As so often happens, outer struggles are mirrored in internal dynamics. Conflicts between staff and board, diversity and equity issues, a culture of reactivity, and the emotional wear-and-tear of being at the front lines, all take a toll. Conflict erupts, or becomes a chronic habit.

If this strikes a chord, please do get in touch. I believe in your work. My mission is to help you achieve yours.